A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

"A battle for the graveyard" is my submission to the Ludum Dare compo category !

It is a one keyboard multi-player 2D kinda battle arena. Players are shape-shifting monsters, swapping from one shape to another to get different special abilities. The gameplay is symmetrical as both players can use the same abilities.

Player 1 plays with :
- WASD to move (or ZQSD for a French keyboard)
- 1234 to change his/her shape
- E to use the ability

Player 2 plays with :
- IJKL to move
- 7890 to change his/her shape
- P to use the ability

The playable shapes/forms are :
- Frankenstein (hand fight, does high damages, lowers received damages, moves slow)
- Skeleton (distant fight, does medium damages, moves fast)
- Slime (can leave goo that deals damage over time on an large area, doesn't take damages from those gooes, moves slow)
- Slender (cannot deal damages, can teleport)

The game starts as soon as the game is launched, players can play as long as they want as there is no timer. They can reset the map and start a new game by pressing X and M together, at the same time ! ;)

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Few little changes:

1. Players using a French keyboard can press ";" instead of "M" to reset the game (they can still use "M"). Also, pressing opposite direction keys (like "A" and "D") stops movement.

2. Players can heal about 15% of their health when teleporting with a Slender. This is not effective above 50% of the player's maximum health.

3. The Skeleton was able to one shot an opponent during close combat. To avoid this, bones inflict less damages during close combat and more during distant fights. Damages are capped to avoid players spamming this skeleton's attack.

4. The Skeleton throws twice more bones now.

5. Frankenstein does now about 20% more damages.


ABattleForTheGraveyard-PostCompo.jar 2 MB

Install instructions

Download the game, launch the game, play the game !

A battle for the Graveyard needs Java to run.