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Here's my entry for LD48 !

drillerROBOT is a game where you control a robot to drill as deep as possible. Collect uranium on your way down to use as energy, collect diamonds to get cards that you can play when needed (you'll understand when you'll play!).

Controls :
- Arrows to move the robot.
- Keys 1 to 6 to play the cards.



(Last upload May 5th, 9:41am CET)


  • Added stone block, bombs, moving bombs, cursed blocks, magnets.
  • Added more cards.
  • Added danger zone feedback.
  • Fixed some bugs and details, balanced the difficulty.

It is not indicated yet, but when the player is cursed, he/she needs to move at least once a second until the end of the curse (about 20 seconds), otherwise, he/she dies.


drillerROBOT - LD48 - Post compo (.JAR) 10 MB

Install instructions

To launch the game, unzip the file and launch the .jar file. You'll need an up to date version of Java installed on your computer to play the game.


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I really enjoy playing the game and make multiple tries, it's simple and well done!

It could use some better install instructions. I tried running the Game.class in the Jar and also the exe (which said I didn't have java installed even though I do) but I wasn't able to get it to work on my machine unfortunately.