A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

*** What's Room One ? ***

Manage a one room hotel. Upgrade the items in the bedroom and take the good decisions !

Game made for Ludum Dare 37.

*** Changelog ***

0.1 (Ludum Dare submission - 2016, December 11th)

* Submitted the game with events and furniture.

v0.2 (2019, September 19th)

* Added "Chuck Norris is back!" event.
* Added "Health and safety inspection" event.
* Added the option to not clean the room.
* The player can not sell furniture during the few last days.
* Added a dirty room tag (invisible to the player, but quite obvious because of the events).
* Lowered the cost of getting rid of bed bugs.
* Changed the reputation calculation which makes the game slightly more difficult.
* Made what the player is hovering clearer.
* Fixed typos and changed some texts.
* Fixed bug where the player had no tax to pay but the game was adding money to the account.
* Fixed bug where the amount to pay was the wrong one in the "Dirty room" event.
* Fixed bug where the room is rented for free if no furniture has been improved.


RoomOne_0-2.jar 715 kB


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Sounds like a fun idea! Too bad I don’t see any screen shots. 

Thanks, it's a very old ludum dare entry of mine, I'll put screenshots soon ! ;)