Stem 0.3.0 - A new update for Xmas !

First of all : Merry Xmas to all of you!

I have been working for the last 4 or 5 months on this update and there are quite a lot of thing I need to talk about! So, what's new in 0.3.0?

It is now a must have in the gaming universe, I had to implement it ; there is now achievements in Stem ! 20 of them at the moment, to be precise, and I will implement a lot more in the future.  I tried to make them quite diverse, and easy enough for me to implement so you can get regularly new challenges.

Part of the achivements system was to implement a new events manager which allowed me to track some statistics. You can now see how many times you died, how many spiders you released, and so on.

Stem is now available in English and in French ! And the system is ready for new languages that I want to be supported (any potential translators for Spanish ? German ? Italian ?).

Color profile
This is a new feature, but it will be complete when I will have revamped all the art for the game and make it compatible with it. But at the moment, you can change the color profile for the main menu and the achievements screen.

New visual feedbacks
I was not happy with how resources were displayed. The visual circuit to check their levels was to long, so I placed it right below the player, and added some icons for his/her statuses (burning, frozen, etc...). Also, it was difficult to anticipate special biomes/areas such as desert, but there is now a new visual feedback for these to discover.

And of course, a lot of improvements, bugfixes, etc.

Fancy a try ? ;)


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Dec 23, 2019

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