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You control a plant that needs to grow. Collect water, light and minerals and, at the same time, avoid bugs, clouds, fire and snow.

I hope you'll love my game ! Have fun ! ;)

Controls :
Left and right arrows to steer.
Space bar for boost.

Enter to restart.
Esc to quit.

Rules :

The lower your water level is, the harder the steering gets.
The lower your light level is, the narrower the angle you can take gets.
The lower your mineral level is, the slower you'll go.

More updates to come. Follow me on Twitter (@yamzho).

-- v0.1.0 -- (Ludum Dare release) --

* Water, sunlight and fertilizer bonuses have been added.
* Fire, cloud, bugs and snow maluses have been added.

-- v0.1.1 -- (Post compo release) --

* Difficulty has been balanced (making it a bit harder).
* Steering is now determined by the level of water.
* Maximum growth angle is now determined by the level of light.
* Speed is now determined by the level of fertilizer.
* The game is now in 1280*720 (up from 800*600).

-- v0.1.2 -- (Post compo release 2) --

* Tweaking difficulty.
* Game is now automatically launched in fullscreen when supported.

-- v0.1.3 -- (The "4 months later" update) --

* Performances have been improved a lot (using entity pool).
* Bonuses and maluses cannot appear on top of each other anymore.
* Bugs now spin for about a second before changing direction.
* Bugs now move faster.
* Clouds are now slowly affected by changing winds.
* Fire now spreads flames that inflicts damages.
* Screen now shakes when a malus is picked up (not applied to flames).
* Burgeon's speed has been rescaled.
* Burgeon can boost its speed by pressing the space bar with the cost of more resources. The boost cannot be used if the burgeon is frozen.
* Intro screen is a bit faster.
* Final score calculation has changed.

-- v0.1.4 -- (The electric update) --

* Added Thunderstorms.
* Added Electricity.
* Background color changes when the burgeon is frozen.
* Wind can now change in strength as well as direction. That means clouds and storms change in speed.
* Performances have been improved a lot again.
* Fixed bug with wind which was changing faster than expected.

-- v0.1.5 -- (The tiny update) --

* Added some informations on opening screen.
* Fixed bug with score screen where score was not appearing correctly when the fertilizer level was at zero.

-- v0.1.6 -- (The unexpected update) --

* Added rain clouds and rain drops. Rain clouds will drastically lower your
light level, but rain drops will significantly increase your water level.
* Changed snow flakes for snow clouds which drop snow flakes.
* Now shows the score during the game.
* Now shows the wind direction and strength.
* Background color changes when the burgeon is electrified.
* Using the boost (space bar) consumes 20% less resources.
* Wind can now be a bit stronger than before.
* Flames are now affected by wind and spread accordingly.
* Changed the fertilizer/mineral icons.
* The reset button has changed and is now the [enter] key.
* Fixed bug with bugs that were moving insanely fast after a while.
* Performance improved a little bit, again.

-- v0.2.0 -- (The gigantic update) --

* Added tutorial.
* Added spiderzzzzzzz !... (and spider webs and nests)
* Added tornados ! Woooooosh !
* Added sounds !!! (and amazing musics from Jukedeck.com)
* Added branches which will pick up resources for you ! Appears only when
all your resources are at 80% or above.
* The player can now be webbed, slowing him/her down.
* Added weather that will have big influence on how entities spawn or react (will probably be tweaked in a near future).
* Added credits on the game over screen.
* Changed tubes assets (they look amazing now !).
* Changed rain drop assets.
* Memory usage reduced by approximately 5% ! Woohoo !
* Cleaned the source code a lot (but you don't care, do you ?).

What to expect in future version ?

* More content (more entity types, more climatic events...).
* Achievements and leaderboards.
* Lighter sound support (files are way too big at the moment).
* Better visual effects.
* And probably more !

More information

Published Dec 14, 2015
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
TagsAbstract, Arcade, Casual, Ludum Dare 34, Minimalist, nature, plant
Average sessionA few minutes


Stem 0.2.0 103 MB

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